Schneider Domae ELCB and RCBO Review: To Be Safe from Electric Shocks!• Jagat Review

How safe is electricity in our place?Is it really safe?This is an important question, but one that is often forgotten.Yes, electricity really needs to be secured, so that it doesn't become something that poses a danger.What danger?Perhaps one of the most common is the electric short, or what we generally know as "short circuit" or "short circuit".

Usually, this can be prevented by using a tool known as an MCB, or Miniature Circuit Breaker, or more commonly known as a fuse.But, is it safe to just use the MCB?Not yet!There is one more danger that we also need to overcome, namely electrocution!How to?. Main Switch Isolator

Schneider Domae ELCB and RCBO Review: To Be Safe from Electric Shocks!• Jagat Review

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We as electricity users often see electricity as something practical because it is very easy to use."Practical" is what makes us forget this electrical safety factor.In fact, statistics show that in Jakarta, most of the fires are caused by electricity.

Yes, fires caused by electricity can occur, one of which is if a short circuit is not handled and it can lead to a fire.However, the risk of this happening can be reduced by using an MCB or fuse.

MCB itself is a tool that provides protection against overload or electrical short (short circuit).So, when those two things happen, the MCB will automatically cut off the electricity, preventing unwanted things from happening, including fire.

Most of the fire incidents due to short circuits actually occur in places that are not protected by an MCB and places with old or non-standard electrical installations.

But, that's just the short circuit risk, there is still a risk of electrocution.Regarding this electrocution, indeed it could just make us shocked.However, if the current that enters our body exceeds 80 mA, it can interfere with the heart and the effects can be very dangerous.

Well, this MCB cannot provide protection from electrocution.So, what should we wear?

To prevent electrocution from causing great harm, there is a device called the RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker), or for the example we are using, a product from Schneider Electric, called the Domae ELCB (Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker).

We can use RCCB aka ELCB with a rating of 30 mA to protect us from this shock hazard.30 mA here is considered to be within safe limits for the human body, we will only be surprised, but are protected from greater danger.

When detecting that there is a 30 mA electric current leak, a good and correct RCCB, which has high sensitivity and fast response time, like this Domae ELCB, will automatically cut off electricity, just like what an MCB does when a short circuit occurs.

High sensitivity and fast response time are of course important, as this means that the electric current will be cut off before it can cause any harm.Interestingly, this RCCB or ELCB can also be used to ensure that the electrical network is in proper condition, there are no other forms of leakage in the network.

Apart from the ELCB, Schneider Electric also provides a device known as the RCBO.It is a combination of MCB and ELCB.RCBO, or RCCB with Overcurrent Protection, can provide protection against network overload, short circuit, and electrocution.

The shape is more concise, so it's easier to install.However, this RCBO is only available up to 25 A.If we need more than that, we have to use the ELCB.

Schneider Domae ELCB and RCBO Review: To Be Safe from Electric Shocks!• Jagat Review

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